Olde Brick House Waynesville
Our Story


For many years Charlie had a dream of owning a store. For years he faithfully worked as a store manager in various retail stores, learning from both successes and mistakes. When the store in which he was working decided to close their location in early 2003, the timing seemed to be right. We prayed continuously for guidance and were led to purchase an existing business in Waynesville, NC. With faith (but no signed agreement) we loaded up our moving van.

We bought our business in September 2003 and have been growing and changing ever since. Each winter we take on a project to update make over the look of our shop. Over the years we've added wood to the upstairs walls, opened walls between rooms and removed carpet. The project this year is the website. Frequently new clients will come in and ask, "Are you new?" That let's us know we are staying fresh and different.

In addition to renovation projects, we bring in new and different items each year. This year we have added Donna Sharp quilts. We have also tremendously expanded our sampling of braided rugs by Homespice Decor. Though they are not yet on the website, you can click on the links to see all the styles and then just give us a call or send an e-mail to ask about pricing.

We are both great talkers in our own way. For the story of how the name Olde Brick House came about, click here. Or click on Becky or Charlie to see the different paths that we walked before the Olde Brick House.

Olde Brick House Hours

Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday Closed